expertise-1Expertise | Building Conservation

exp-buildingconservation2  Building Conservation forms the bedrock of the Practice. We have long been supporters of the philosophy of minimum intervention and an informed conservation approach.

This is not always possible, and therefore well considered alternatives have to be debated in depth, and if considered acceptable, adopted.

This is not to say that the Practice is ‘highbrow’. We relish the chance of working with clients and buildings to achieve the optimal result to an agreed budget. Our advice can relate to a small problem of damp up to severe problems of structural collapse.

exp-buildingconservation1 We work closely with Planning and Conservation Authorities, English Heritage, Trusts and Church Authorities. We are great supporters of the use of natural materials to suit the local vernacular.

We are also working on projects to include alternative energy use.

We design, specify and administer conservation projects working closely with proven construction and conservation practitioners and artisans.

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