Expertise | Domestic

exp-domestic2 The Practice is regularly contacted by property owners who need expert advice on problems that are being experienced in their own or prospective homes. When asked to undertake a structural survey we can offer a full service of “detailed” or “specific” building inspections and reports.

We also undertake cyclical reports upon retained buildings for the National Trust, Private Estates and other property owners. These reports enable work to be programmed and costed following an assessment of condition. We have negotiated over 10 major secular grants from English Heritage and have also been commissioned to undertake specialist reports and assessments on their behalf.

exp-domestic1 The Practice advises upon alterations and improvement works to client homes. We develop designs and administer projects on site for clients, having obtained all statutory approvals including Listed Building Consents. We work through budgets for expenditure and in most cases complete projects on site under budget or tender.

With historic homes, owners are only tenants for a short spell of the building’s life.

We must recognise not only the historic importance of the building, but also ensure that it provides a comfortable and appropriate home for its present occupiers without compromise for what the future may hold.

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