Expertise | Structural Surveys, Quinquennial Inspections

  As a practice we are asked to undertake a plethora of surveys on nearly every building type. The purpose of the survey is to report upon condition and advise upon action. This forms the starting point for most pre purchase assessments and building projects.

Some surveys are one off instructions, others are routine or cyclical. For some we report upon one element or defect; for others we comprehensively assess the whole property.

The survey and report can be tailored to your and the building’s needs. We do not undertake market valuations.

A comprehensive condition survey and report provides the advice that is needed to inform any property decision. Many clients retain us to undertake quinquennial inspections. This can be on both ecclesiastical and secular buildings.

The reports help clients to assess and programme repairs and expenditure.

They form part of what we hope is a long term, on-going relationship, building upon earlier inspections and gleaned knowledge specific to the property.

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